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Scottish Woodlands Ltd
Glenauchie (Woodland creation under 16FGS11958—001) is located in the upper Girvan valley in South Ayrshire around 5 miles south east of Straiton. The ground is largely unimproved tussock grassland dominated by molinia with some improved pasture on the lower slopes. Brown earth soils dominate across most of the farm along with gleys and peaty gleys also present. A few small patches of deep peat soils can be found but are excluded from the application area as open ground. The primary objective is the establishment of a productive woodland as an alternative to agricultural activity. Secondary objectives are:- • Mitigation for climate change through woodland expansion on a medium-large scale • The protection and enhancement of biodiversity values, primarily through the expansion of the forest habitat networks and the retention of areas of conservation value as open ground. • The enhancement of the landscape through the creation of a sensitively designed woodland reflecting the local topography. • The protection of the site’s cultural heritage value, involving the safeguarding of archaeological features. The woodland creation application extends to 261.6 ha including 196.5 ha under the ‘conifer’ woodland creation option and, 9.6 ha under the ‘diverse conifer’ option, and 18.7 ha under the native broadleaved woodland creation option. Of this, 201.5 ha will be planted with trees. The woodland will be managed on a commercial thinning and felling regime.
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    CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeMixed mainly clearfellNo
    South Ayrshire,Straiton,Scotland
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