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15-Mile Reach (ID: 104000000026418)

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Bonneville Environmental Foundation
The 15-Mile Reach is a stretch of the Colorado River that starts east of Grand Junction and stretches to the confluence with the Gunnison River just west of town. Home to four federally endangered fish species,15-Mile Reach is known for declining river flows as a result of high demand on its water supply, which negatively impacts fish habitat. The Colorado Water Trust (CWT) is working together with water users, irrigators, and various government agencies to improve the habitat of the Colorado River’s endangered fish at critical times of the year while continuing to serve and meet the needs of the forty million people in the Southwestern U.S. that rely on the Colorado River as a primary source of drinking water in addition to extensive agricultural and industrial uses.
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Water QuantityBEF Flow Restoration StandardWater Flow RestorationNo
CO,United States
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