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Bennan Hill(ID: 104000000026483)

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Davidson and Robertson Ltd
51.77 hectares of new woodland was planted, at Bennan Hill, Straiton, South Ayrshire, Scotland in the Winter of 2018/2019. The new woodland comprised a mixture of conifer, diverse conifer and mixed broadleaves with 5.46 hectares of open space. The site falls within Ayrshire and Arran Forestry & Woodland Strategy, CSGN Forestry & Woodland Strategy Area and the Carrick Hills and Valleys Landscape Zone. This planting contributed to CC2 objective by helping increase the overall woodland cover. The main objective for planting the site was to create a commercial woodland on what was poor agricultural grazing land. The woodland will add significant diversity to the area and through ongoing management provide a diversified income stream. Furthermore, the site is identified as a Potentially Vulnerable Area by Scottish Environment Protection Agency for flooding and creating new woodland on the site will help regulate surface runoff into watercourses. The diverse nature of the woodland enables bridging between the existing Balbeg Planation and Bennan Wood to extend the existing habitat, wildlife corridors and promote a greater diversity of habitats for a wide range of wildlife. In addition, the woodland will provide social benefit as it was designed and planted to allow use by walkers which will in turn benefit the local tourism industry.

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CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeMixed mainly thin and clearfellNo
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