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Tilhill Forestry
A 32.31 ha native woodland project comprising a mix of native Caledonian Scots pine, Birch, Rowan, Hazel, Alder and Willow planted within matrix of circa 75% W9 – Upland mixed broadleaf & Dogs mercury and 25% W18 Scots pine and heather woodlands. The forest will be managed as a native forest with minimal intervention after the initial establishment phase with only fence maintenance plus deer and other herbivore control. No thinning or clearfell will take place for the duration of the project. The primary aim of this project is to deliver an expansion of Native Woodland with a focus on carbon sequestration. It will comprise only native species suitable for the site and naturally present in the landscape. The UK Forestry Standard was strictly complied with during the design process (species selection, densities, proportion of open ground, protection of valuable species and habitats etc).
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    CarbonUK Woodland Carbon CodeNo thinning or clearfellNo
    Argyll and Bute,Inveraray,Scotland
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